• Jon Neale

DIY Diffusers are usually ugly...sorry, "Modern"

I've been spending a lot of time producing and listening to music at home in my living room recently. I noticed the acoustics could be better! Instead of buying one ready made, I like to try and make things myself.

After looking across the internet for the best way to improve acoustics in a home, I found a DIY Diffuser method of putting 2"x2" blocks together at various levels making an uneven surface for the sound ot bounce off.

I realised the all looked a little ugly... sorry.

I had a picture that was perfect and big for the wall that I wanted to mount the diffuser on. I thought that if I were to break the image down into small squares and mount them in the same way, I would have the picture in a mural fashion on top of the diffuser - looking great and improving acoustics.

So instead of using the traditional blocks of wood, I used screws to position each piece at different heights and I put acoustic foam behind each square to act as some absorption as well (kill two birds with one stone). Check this pic out below of the finished article!

I made a video of the entire process from idea to finish. Enjoy!

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