• Jon Neale

Tips from the BBC on how to make it in music.

With 20,000 track being uploaded to Spotify every day, one can only imagine how hard it is to make a living in music - let alone make it big. In an article by the BBC, they outline a couple of tips to best position yourself for a chance.

As a trend, they see that once the "Great British Public" have latched on to a hit, they take a while before they listen to new music, in such instances "... the entire top 10 was unchanged from the previous week".

Long Game - With the top of the charts being dominated by the big three labels (Sony, Universal & Warner) one hit from a new artist is not the way to break into the industry anymore - "It takes a bit longer and needs more patience". Let's all prepare for the long game, build a loyal fan base and grow on that like a social following.

Playlists - Get the initial introduction to new ears by getting your music placed within playlists that attracts new listeners. You don't have to be high in the charts to rack up a notable number of streams. (check these out -

Check out the original article on the BBc here -

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