• Jon Neale

Waves - SSL E Channel Strip

It’s always exciting when plugin emulations of hardware are really good! The SSL E channel strip from Waves is no exception to this.

Waves did a fantastic job emulating the E Series and offers all the benefits and characteristics of the original. The question is, do I like to use it? Yes.

It is my goto channel strip and offers all I need to get a sound sculpted quickly and intuitively. I start with the filters as it cuts out the unwanted ends of the sound - take away the rumble that just clogs up a mix. The EQ is really flexible and with the dynamics section, it just gets the job done.

Something to be careful of is when I use this on some sounds it can become a little too harsh. As much as I love this, sometimes I replace it with other plugins or use it in sections.

If you haven’t tried it on a mix yet, get a demo and you’ll probably end up using it a lot!

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